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We are currently looking for volunteers to complete our team and give us the opportunity to start taking in cats and helping them to find their forever homes. At this point in time we are looking for volunteers in four main areas: fostering, rehoming, welfare and fundraising. 

We currently do not have any fosterers volunteering for us, which means we are unable to take in any cats.

Being a fosterer for Cats Protection is completely free, all you would need to do is offer a spare room, or space in your garden for a pen, and your time to care for a cat or kitten. The charity will provide everything for you to become a fosterer including easy to clean flooring for your spare room, a pen for your garden if you become an outdoor fosterer and all the materials you will need to feed and play with the cat. Training is also provided if you wish it.

Fundraising Events Organiser
As the name suggests this role will involve organising and managing fundraising events for the Grimsby and District Branch.

This roles responsibilities include planning the events, encouraging others to become fundraisers as well as collecting the funds, accounting for and banking them after the event.

Home Visitors
We like to make sure the cats we rehome go to the best possible home for them. Home visitors help us to do this by visiting the homes of people who'd like to adopt a cat and helping them to decide what age/temprement of cat will be perfect for them.